Sandbox Premium subscription replaced the previous Premium pack on February 2019.
Remember that if you purchased or subscribed to Premium, but it doesn't show on your game, you should try restoring your purchases first.
  1. Q: I used to have access to Create Modes that are now premium. Will I be able to make leves with modes such as Runners or Monsters?
    Yes! You won't lose any feature that you used to have access to. These create modes will only be restricted for players that create their accounts past 11 February 2019 0:00:00 GMT

  2. Q: I had some Custom Entities created and I'm not Premium, will I lose access to them?
    If you created your account before 11 February 2019 0:00:00 GMT you still have access to the Entity Creator and you can trade Custom Entities created by others.

  3. Q: I already purchased the Premium Pack before. Does this mean that I need to start paying the subscription every month to keep my privileges?
    No! You will keep your Premium status forever. If you already purchased Premium as a pack, you don't need to pay again. You can think of it as a lifetime premium subscription ;)

  4. Q: What happens if I cancel a Sandbox Premium subscription?
    You will still be Premium until the end of the monthly period. After that, you will lose all your Premium privileges. If you purchased a pack that included Premium Elements or some Premium Create Modes, you will still retain those regardless of your Premium status.

  5. Q: I was saving Mana to buy some Element/Story but now it's Premium! I don't want to spend money!
    We are sorry to hear that! We sometimes will change to Premium some content that was in Mana before (and also viceversa). If this is a big issue for you you can contact our customer support for help.