Gems are very important in Wonder Park. They let you do all kinds of things, like skipping wait times and getting special characters!

There are several ways to obtain Gems.

1. Fill the Smile-O-Meter. Complete the different milestones to obtain gems and other rare items.

2. Level Up! Leveling up will always provide some nice rewards as well as unlocking new stuff.
3. Complete Quests! There are many quests in Wonder Park that give you Gems as a reward.
4. Watch Ads. Watching Ads gives you Gems as a reward! (Only available if you are over 13)

5. Buy Gems. You can also obtain gems by buying them with real world money. Keep an eye out for promotion packs!

6. Connect to Facebook! Connecting for the first time will reward you with a whooping 25 Gems! It also ensures your save file is connected to your account. (Only if you are over 13)