Coins are the main currency used in Wonder Park. They are used for all kinds of things, like obtaining characters, suppliers, attractions, and decorations!

There are several ways to obtain Coins.

1. Sell items at the Marketplace! This is by far the best way to obtain Coins. Complete the item requests from visitors specified in the quests to obtain the most coins!
2. Visitors will generally ask for the latest items you can cook in their quest. So be sure to always be cooking all kinds of food!
3. A great way to always have available items to cook and sell is to have multiple suppliers working at all times!

4. Level Up! Leveling up will always provide some nice rewards as well as unlocking new stuff.

5. Complete Quests! Most quests in Wonder Park give you Coins as part of the reward.

6. Collect rewards from Attractions! Attractions generate coins and experience after some time. Fill your park with them to earn a great deal of Coins in one go!

7. Do Character’s Tasks. Have your Characters do all kinds of stuff not only for the items, but for the coins they generate as well!

8. Buy Coins. You can also obtain coins by buying them with real world money. Keep an eye out for promotion packs!

9. Visit Friends' Parks! After connecting to Facebook, you can visit your friends' parks! Visit all your friends' parks to obtain many coins!

10. Start Rides! Rides reward you with a great amount of coins and Happy Faces, as well as unique Ride items. Make sure you use these special Rides often to maximize your coins!

11. Play the Fortune Teller Mini-Game! The fortune teller mini-game is a luck based game where you can win rare items and coins. If you find the lucky card you'll get the reward from every card!