Wonderchimps are amazing creatures that will help your park grow and flourish! Visitors will provide more SMILES when they see them as well.

However, these chimps are also very prone to getting bored if left alone!

If you do not assign them to any task or ride during some time, they might get angry and demand you give them some items! At this is the moment they become Chimpanzombies!

While they are in the Chimpanzombie state, they won’t be able to do any tasks. Furthermore, they will scare visitors off and even increase the probability of a attractions and suppliers breaking!

To fix them up, select them and give them what they want. They will always ask for 1 or 2 easy to obtain items, so stay alert!

Alternatively, you can calm all your Chimpanzombies at the same time via Gems from the Dashboard

However, there is an even more important reason to meet their demands. If you do not comply with their whims after some time, they will grow angrier than ever and REALLY scare off visitors and even break down attractions!

While in this state, you better hurry to turn them back to normal, or your Park can turn into a broken mess!

So make sure you always keep your Wonderchimps active, either doing tasks, or using one of the Park Rides.