Pay attention to the different actions you can perform with your characters and how long each action takes. Before logging off, make sure your characters start longer duration actions so you will receive big rewards when you come back the following day.

Another good idea is to start Rides before you go to sleep, as they are long duration activities as well. When you get back in the game, you will start the day off with a big start!

When selling items in the Marketplace, make sure you don’t sell something you might need!
For example, you might want to hold on to the Candy to cook a better selling items, like the Cotton Candy!

Rare items like the Ride Scene items, the Smile-O-Meter items, and the Combo Shop items have a different background color. The Marketplace will often want these items for a good price, but make sure you don’t need them to unlock new zones or expand your inventory before selling them off!