What are event items?

Event items are time-limited items that can be obtained, crafted or granted while events are active. There are different tiers of event items:

Raw Event Items: The raw event items are the ones that are required to craft all the other event items. This type of items don't give huge amount of event points when they are granted to the family (via Desires).
This type of items can be obtained:
  1. Through the event supplier (a special event decoration that generates items over time, only during the event).
  2. [Optional] Performing exclusive event animations.
Crafted Event Items: The crafted event items usually require raw event items and items of the crafting stations that already exist in the game to be made. This type of items give more event points than the raw event items when granted to the family (via Desires) but less points than the final event items.

Final Event Items: The final event items usually require 1 or more crafted event items and are the most valuable items during events. These items give high amount of event points when granted to the family (via Desires).

You can also acquire ALL event items through the event Kooky Boxes!