When playing a Puzzle level you'll be tasked with destroying a variety of special pieces called Obstacles.

Here's a summary of how they behave and some tips on how to beat them.

Spiderwebs are special blocks that cover the tile they're occupying. They are layered blocks, meaning that they may need to be broken more than once to completely eliminate them.
To break these blocks you need to create a match inside them, try to align multiple at once to use your turns more efficiently, and get some special Explosives while you're at it!

The amount of layers can be seen represented by the amount of spiders that there are on the web, if there are no more spiders, it means that is just 1 combination away from braking.

Ice Blocks:
These blocks cover a tile entirely and make it impossible to move the piece that's underneath them.
To break them you need to make a match with the piece that's trapped inside. Try to get rid of these blocks as early as possible, so that you can move your pieces freely around the board.

Metal Plates:
Metal Plates are immobile & unbreakable tiles that will hinder your progress.
These can not be dealt with normally and you'll have to play around them to win the level.

Rotten Stump:
Rotten Stumps are obstacles that occupy an entire tile, not leaving space for anything beneath them.
To break this piece you'll need to make a match right next to them, in any direction, or use an Explosive to burst right through them!

Pay attention to where the pieces will fall when you break the Rotten Stumps and try to create combinations accordingly.

The Undergrowth is the most troublesome type of tile, if you don't break at least 1 of them in any turn, they will expand to an adjacent tile and eat whatever was there previously.
To break them you just need to create a match right next to them, just like with the Rotten Stumps.

Try to break at least 1 tile of Undergrowth every turn to avoid it's expansion, and make good use of your Explosives to deal with it as fast as possible!

Spiders and Beetles:
These obstacles (also called "collectables") are harmless pieces that you need to collect in some levels.
To collect them you need to take them to the lower edge of the board, once they reach the bottom they'll be collected automatically.

Use the vertical firecrackers to your advantage, as they will clear an entire line, except the collectables, allowing you to collect them instantly.