Boosters are tools that will help you clear some of the hardest levels. These can be acquired as in-game rewards, obtained in packs, or bought with Rubies.

We have 3 types of boosters:

Gardening Gloves:
The Gloves will let you move one piece to a neighboring tile freely, this will NOT expend a move.

Use them to move pieces to spots where you can create Explosives, or to move a Collectable to the last tile in the final movement!

This booster will allow you to select a single tile, destroying anything that's inside it.

Use this to clear that pesky final obstacle if you're about to lose!

The Rake is a versatile booster that will help you clear lots of tiles at once.

When used you will have to select a specific tile, and then the Rake will clear entirely the column and line of that tile. So basically it cleans a + shaped pattern with the center where you chose.

Make sure to pay attention to all the pieces you will hit to try and maximize your Rake usage.